Welcome to Coral Dogs! I am a writer, photographer, and artist located in Gainesville, Florida.

Most of my work centers around dogs, but they are much more than my muses. Dogs reflect who we’ve been, who we’re becoming, and who we are.

Dogs remind us to slow down and pay attention. They show us how we feel, even when we don’t know it ourselves.

Dogs suggest, so gently, that our big brains miss a lot, and that there are more important things in life than getting what we want. They remind us how beautifully chaotic the world is.

If anything represents beautiful chaos, it is a shelter dog.

Unknown histories and traumas mean that every shelter dog is a mystery. I get to know the unique personalities of these dogs and do my best to share what makes them special through photos, video, and descriptions.

An animal shelter is no place for a dog. They don’t show their best selves in the kennels. By taking dogs out into the play yards and into the community, I can offer them a chance to show off what great dogs they are.

I focus on the dogs who are having trouble finding homes. These are dogs who are passed over by potential adopters and by private rescues. Some of them have behavioral or medical concerns. Others just blend in and escape notice. Each of them deserves more. They’ve been failed by humans. Society puts almost no value on their lives.

We decide whether they deserve life, love, and safety. Every time we choose to buy or breed a dog, we decide that a shelter dog doesn’t deserve a home. Every day, your local shelter is full of dogs ready to give their absolute love and loyalty: for an hour, a day, a week, or forever, for as long as you’ll share your space with them.

You can save their lives. There are so many ways to get involved. Learn about donating (and the beautiful hand drawn portraits I make for donators!), volunteering, fostering, and other ways to help. You decide if their lives have value. Don’t you think they deserve a chance?