Take a Dog Out for the Day

20190129_131431 (1)You can’t judge a shelter dog by how he acts in the kennel. You also can’t judge him by how he acts in the playpen, lobby, or in the first fifteen minutes of a walk. Staff and volunteers pour their hearts and souls into these dogs, but there are simply too many shelter dogs for them all to get as much exercise and engagement as they need.

Since so many shelter dogs are high-energy young dogs with little or no training, the problem is compounded. Potential adopters never get to meet the real dog. Instead, they see a hyped up version that often won’t engage. Taking shelter dogs on outings serves two essential purposes:

  1. The dog gets exercise, stimulus, and training so that she can behave calmly in the shelter and attract potential adopters.
  2. People get a chance to meet the dog outside of the shelter environment, letting her show her wonderful true colors.

Check our dog profiles to find a dog who matches your energy level or has had leash training or has training with equipment that makes walking easier.