Foster a Dog

Inviting a dog into your home is an incredible thing to do for that dog. Watching a dog relax and blossom into the dog that she is meant to be is a unique and deeply rewarding experience. Fostering a dog gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with dog ownership in a safe, structured, and non-committal way. Furthermore, by taking a dog into your home, you make room at Animal Services, giving us time to work with dogs who may otherwise be euthanized.

A nervous dog who won’t show his personality in the shelter shows himself to be a cat-loving goofball in the home. A dog that nervously barks or paces at the shelter turns out to be a lazy couch potato when given some time to relax. A dog that seems indifferent at the shelter is a loyal velcro dog at home.


I understand that taking a shelter dog into your home is a risk. That’s why I try dogs in my home, with my pets, as well as working with them at the shelter and around town. Fostering a dog featured in our dog profiles means that you can get to know the dog you are considering fostering very well before you take the leap. Every dog that we move into a foster gives us space for a new untested dog in our program.

Animal Services provides everything that you need, including a crate, food, blankets, and walking equipment.

If you are considering fostering, look through our dog profiles to find a dog that will be a good fit for your lifestyle, then contact us or ACAS to arrange a meeting.