Maggie was adopted by an active family who can match her energy. She was thrilled to jump in the car!

Maggie is a happy, confident, well-adjusted dog. She loves other dogs and every person she meets. She is a confident girl who isn’t afraid of anything. Sweet Maggie came to ACAS in rough shape. She was already extremely emaciated when she had puppies, and the pregnancy and birth left her very skinny. The staff at ACAS took extra care with her and a foster home let her blossom, and now she is ready for her very own home.


Status: At ACAS. Available for: Adoption, Foster, Dog Day Out, Sleepover, Interaction at ACAS

Breed: Believed to be an American Staffordshire terrier mix

Weight: 55 pounds

Gender: Spayed female

Age: 4 Years 4 months

Ideal home: Maggie is a rough and tumble girl who would love other dogs or older kids to play with. She is great with all dogs, but can be unaware of her size, so she may overwhelm some smaller or more timid dogs. Maggie has lots of energy in short bursts but is pretty laid back the rest of the time. She is also great at entertaining herself. Maggie would love a home with people and/or dogs to wrestle and cuddle with. She doesn’t mind spending some time in the crate, as long as she gets a good play and cuddle session afterward.


Personality Profile


  • Sit, stay, down, come, give paw


  • Leashed behavior: Friendly and playful with large and small dogs, reacts to aggression by disengaging with a wagging tail
  • Loose playgroup: plays well, energetic player
  • Barrier behavior: Friendly, indifferent to aggression from other dogs


  • Barrier behavior: not yet tested
  • Loose behavior: not yet tested


  • Awesome with kids on outings and in foster home
  • Can be too energetic around young kids sometimes, but seems to understand that she should be calmer around kids

Housebroken/ Crate trained

  • Crate trained and housebroken as long as crated when alone for longer periods

Short, soft, medium shed coat

  • Soft dense coat

Doesn’t drool much

  • Especially for such a wrinkly, jowly dog, she really doesn’t drool much at all.

Solitary behavior: good in crate

Engaged with Volunteer

  • Engaging in vigorous play, asking for pets, and cuddling with the volunteer.
  • Comes when called, follows volunteer around

Loves strangers but fine not meeting

  • Loves meeting and cuddling with new people
  • If people don’t look at or engage her, she ignores them
  • Very laid back in public

Medium leash pulling

  • Only pulls when she sees or smells something she really wants
  • Doesn’t pull hard for her size
  • Doesn’t dig in and pull often
  • Responds to being called when she is pulling most of the time

Not Very Destructive With Toys, No Toy Guarding

  • Appears non-destructive with most toys
  • Likes stuffed toys and tennis balls
  • No problem at all with having toy taken away, playing tug, etc.

Prey Drive: Not Yet Assessed

Training Plan


Martingale collar for walks and for constant wear with ACAS tags. Food-distributing toy for crate training. Recommend providing heavy-duty food-distributing toys in crate to maintain calm solitary state.

Trick training

  • Continue sit, stay, down, come, give paw and add more cute tricks

Dog and Cat Socialization

Continue teaching self-control and watch for over-exuberance around cats and smaller dogs. Continue leash socialization.

  • Plenty of loose play with other dogs to wear out energy
  • Teach self-control when playing and with smaller dogs

Human Socialization

  • Continue to show what a people and dog superstar she is in public
  • Work on tricks to show her off in public


Half hour of walking/running morning and night when crated 6 – 8 hours. Loose yard play some days fine, especially when crating is reduced.


Bond-building games and exercises:

  • Lean. Reward when she leans unprompted, and ask for “lean” as a command and reward
  • Check-in. Reward for unprompted looks during walks
  • Touch and massage. Trust-building touch and massage, especially right after exercise. Touch and massage as rewards for small requests
  • Fetch. Return toy to encourage bond and recall
  • Calm. Teach self-control during play with “calm” command
  • Name Responsiveness. Call and reward often and in a variety of circumstances, on and off leash
  • Place. Designated, portable bed for place training at home and out


Provide only heavy-duty chew toys and food-distributing toys when alone, correct destructive behavior with future foam toys by removing the toy and replacing with a chew toy


Here is what ACAS staff and volunteers had to say about Maggie and some pictures they took:

Soon afer Intake: October 27, 2018

Mama cow Maggie Moo is such a sweet girl!! Forward to your rescue compadres, she needs it really bad!!! Babies literally sucked the life from her.

November 1, 2018

Maggie needs a long term so we can get some weight on her bones. She’s put on 7 lbs since being here!! She loves people, and greets everyone that stops by my office with kisses and wags. She’s about 4 years old, super food/treat motivated, excited when on leash, and lived with a family before coming to us.

Maggie is super sweet, knows commands, and a very well behaved girl. She’s heartworm positive and we can’t begin to consider treating her until she’s at a healthy weight.

Please share to all your rescue buddies & pals or someone interested in fostering.

December 5, 2018

Miss Maggie had her own Christmas photo shoot in honor of the colder weather we’ve been having! She’s been making good progress putting on weight and will hopefully be able to have her heartworm treatment soon.

January 24, 2019

Maggie has come such a long way over these past few months. She is now perfectly healthy and adoptable and ready to take on the world! She is so happy to experience everything and loves every person and dog that she’s met.

She is energetic and would do best with another dog to play with and keep her company. Her favorite pastime when she’s not chasing down a tennis ball (or eating food!) is snuggling up next to you on the bed and taking a nap. She is incredibly loving and people oriented and would do great in a home where she can get lots of attention

March 3, 2019

I met Maggie at ACAS and got her dressed for a day out at Haile Farmer’s Market. She was a silly girl, rolling around on her back as I put her harness on. She jumped right in my car and rode nicely, just looking out the windows I took her home.


At my house, we met Joel and his foster, and we let them meet and play to blow off some energy before we took them to the Farmer’s Market. They hit it off immediately and spent the next forty-five minutes or so running around and wrestling together.

We drove the dogs to the market. They hung out together in the backseat, cuddling and generally being adorable. Joel just adores this confident lady. She likes him just fine too.


When we got to the Farmer’s Market, Maggie was happy to meet everyone. Joel, who tends to be nervous with new people and in new situations, took confidence from Maggie. Maggie seemed to be able to tell when Joel was nervous and was quick to offer a lick or a shoulder bump to make him feel better.

Maggie was the picture of self-confidence and laid back happiness. She smiled at everyone and leaned in for pets whenever someone offered them. She is polite, never jumping when meeting new people. She was awesome with the kids, who loved to rub her wrinkly face.

Neither dog made a peep, even when other dogs barked at them. Maggie loved playing with a boisterous dog that wanted to play just as much as she did. She was gentle and gave space to little dogs going by.

Maggie is an awesome, confident dog. She has lived with a foster and done very well. This confident girl won’t need much of an adjustment period, so if you’re looking for an easy-transition dog to foster or a dog to foster for just a weekend, Maggie is an awesome pick. If you have an energetic dog who needs someone to wear him out, Maggie is your girl.

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