Nala FINALLY adopted!!!

Nala has finally found her forever home, and it’s with the most perfect family.

Nala’s new doggie brother can’t wait to play with her

Sometimes when you see a dog in the row at Animal Services, it can be hard to imagine that dog in your home, especially if the dog is an adult and a large, powerful breed. Nala has waited patiently for so long. She never became kennel crazy like so many dogs did, but we were all desperate to get her out because we couldn’t imagine how much longer she could hold out.

Thanks to the Humane Society of North Central Florida, Nala was taken into their program and went to a Petsmart adoption event. This family had had her eye on her for awhile, and they took her home.

Nala looks very pleased on her ride home

Nala’s rough and rowdy playstyle is an ideal match for her new playmate, who seems like he’s been looking for someone to play with.

Nala is settling right in at home too. Her new family appreciates that she is already house and crate trained. She’s so happy to just lay back and watch TV. After the near constant noise of the shelter, just extended quiet is a huge relief.

Happy tails sweet girl! We’ll miss you, but we are so glad you found your family.

***UPDATE*** Nala is SAFE with the Humane Society of North Central Florida, and will be available for adoption at Petsmart on Archer Rd. this weekend, 6/8 and 6/9. ***

**UPDATE** With the shelter full after a Distemper quarantine, Nala and other long-term residents become increasingly at risk of behavior issues and resulting euthanasia. Staff simply doesn’t have time to work with every dog as much as needed. Volunteers help as much as they can, but there aren’t enough volunteers. Staff and volunteers alike are overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs at the shelter.

THIS WEEKEND, 6/8/19 AND 6/9/19, ADOPTION FEES ARE WAIVED. All kinds of dogs are available, from puppies to purebreds, but I beg you to consider Nala. Foster for any amount of time or adopt. Not sure? Foster to adopt. All the supplies are provided for fosters. Learn more about fostering, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at all. CoralDogs provides support to foster families.

We know Nala very well. We can help you meet her and get settled, as well as answering any questions that you might have.


When you’re big and brindle, it can be hard to find a home, even if you’re very well-behaved. It isn’t hard to see why someone may be put off from taking a chance on Nala (she’s so big!) but if you take her home you will find that she is very easy to have around.

Nala hasn’t had an accident in my home in all the times that I’ve had her over, including overnight. She is quiet and well-behaved in her crate all night and when crated during the day. She has all of her basic training and enjoys training sessions.

Nala is incredibly tolerant, willing to put up with all kinds of silly outfits in exchange for treats. She’s a beautiful model. She even moves her head to different angles when I move the treat. Her intelligence is clear in her patient expression.

Most of the time, Nala naps. She loves to lean against my leg while I type. Wherever we go, she puts her back against me when she lies down. It makes me feel like it’s us against the world.

Nala excels in environments with lots going on. She enjoys meeting everyone at the farmer’s market: people and dogs. She is very gentle and considerate of little dogs, giving them space to come to her after she rushes up to meet them.

When she first comes out of the kennel at Animal Services, Nala wants to play. She can be an intimidating playmate, roaring in a very lion-like manner and rolling her eyes back in her head when we play tug.

She knows how to “drop it”, although sometimes it still takes a little bit of convincing. Nala sits and stays for her toy, which allows for crazy rushes to play tug when I give the word. She also loves it when I toss the toy up for her to catch.

Nala only plays for about fifteen minutes before she’s worn out and ready to be her easy-going self. She is excited to see the harness and “Adopt Me” vest. I buckle Nala into a seatbelt in my backseat like I do with all of the dogs that I take out. She generally chooses a window and sits calmly by it, or sprawls out in the backseat.

When I walk Nala on a leash I usually attach the leash to the martingale collar, rather than the harness. Nala doesn’t pull often but when she does she is STRONG. If she puts her weight into the harness at the wrong moment she may really pull me over, but with the martingale collar that is much less likely. I’d like to train her with a head harness going forward, and conditioning her to that will be my next step.

As with all of the dogs that I work with, my walking training technique for Nala is simple. If she pulls, I stop. That’s all there is to it. Nala nearly always responds to me stopping. Rarely do I need to change directions to encourage her to follow me. Simply stopping is enough to remind her that I would rather not be pulled .

Nala is always a hit with kids. Despite her huge size and intimidating looks, children aren’t at all afraid to run up to her and rub her big head. Nala loves the attention, sitting like a good girl for pets. She is very sweet and gentle with kids on outings.

Nala is a very focused student, even in a highly distracting environment like the Farmer’s Market. She is a clever girl who doesn’t easily get overwhelmed. She will almost always do her tricks for me and for people we that we meet. Depending on her mood, treats or toys are both great motivators.

Nala is very affectionate and cuddly. She tries to return the affection by nibbling or “flea biting” sometimes, but we discourage this, as it tends to startle people who don’t know her.

I love working with Nala. If you’d like to know more about Nala, don’t hesitate to contact me or ACAS.

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