A Desperate Situation

With Alachua County Animal Services still shut down for a Distemper quarentine and more dogs coming in every day, dogs are housed in crates separate from dogs that have been exposed to Distemper. Staff and volunteers walk dogs as frequently as possible and struggle to keep the rooms cool with fans and window AC units, while the heat skyrockets into record-breaking temperatures.

Here are some of the dogs currently at Alachua County Animal Services. They are in crates so they won’t be exposed to any Distemper still in the general population. Staff walks them as much as possible, but we are desperate for volunteers to help.

Rescues are struggling to find fosters quickly enough to get dogs out before euthanasia becomes necessary. Over 20 were just saved, but there are so many more still coming in.

This sweet, worried pup is looking for a foster home. Can you help?

It can be tempting to look away when things seem so hopeless, but all you have to do is look at the dogs to see how much hope there is. Each one of them is filled with enthusiasm for life and deserves a chance.

Can’t adopt? There is so much more you can do. Here are just a few options:

  • Foster. Foster homes are the backbone of animal rescue. Most private rescues have no facility or very limited space in their facility. Every foster home that opens up is a dog saved. Contact me or one of the many local rescues in the area like Plenty of Pitbulls or Second Chance Rescue to get started.
  • Support fosters. Can’t foster? Help someone who can. You can take dogs for walks, babysit for weekend vacations, or donate supplies. Please contact me for information about how to connect with foster families.
  • Volunteer. Dogs always need to be walked, played with, trained, and just loved on. Every minute a dog spends with you is a minute out of his cage and away from the anxiety and boredom of shelter life. There are dogs of every shape, size, and energy level. Staff can match you with a dog that is right for you. Please call or visit Alachua County Animal Services to get started. I’d be happy to show you around! Contact me and we can arrange a time to meet the dogs.
  • Donate. A rawhide can be the difference between an anxious hour and an hour spent doing something enjoyable. Frozen treats like carrots frozen in icecubes are a huge relief on hot days. Just drop your donations off at the front desk of Alachua County Animal Services or contact a local rescue like Plenty of Pitbulls or Second Chance Rescue about donating.

They all deserve a second chance. Just because someone threw them out doesn’t mean that they’re worthless. Please help them.

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