One of the most important things that I do for these dogs is take photos that highlight their unique personalities. It is so easy for the dogs to blend together at Animal Services, especially the bully breeds.

A photo that shows a dog’s personality goes so far to making someone see the unique indiviual in need of rescue.

If you’re interested in prints from my photography, or would like a photoshoot that brings out the unique personality in your dog, don’t hesitate to let me know.

One thought on “Photography

  1. Hey, this is Angela from Gainesville Pet Finder. I started following your blog so that I could use these pics, videos and comments about the each dog in the album on my page titled “Dogs at ACAS.” Hopefully this will also help get more of them adopted. When I started the page in 2010 I tried to enlist photographers to do this because I really believe that good photos is the most important tool we have, it gets peoples attention. People are generally lazy and pressed for time and the location of ACAS is horrible for most people in our area. I am convinced, if more people could see these dogs, there would be more adoptions, so you really help bridge that gap. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to saving lives.

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