I believe in positive, reward-based training. I use whatever motivates at the moment, whether it is treats, toys, affection, freedom, or an interesting new smell or place.

If I want to change a behavior, I use a verbal marker like “neh” and stop the unwanted behavior while encouraging an alternative behavior. I don’t punish.

Active bonding and relationship building are the foundation of a positive relationship with any animal. Every dog wants to learn. It is up to the human to learn how to teach the dog that she’s with. Each dog teaches me new ways to motivate, techniques to distract, and ways to bond. 

If you need help training your dog or are seeking behavioral modification for a foster or rescue dog, don’t hesitate to let us know. I am not a certified trainer and have no formal training, but years of working with dogs has taught me how to connect with dogs, enable them to understand what I want, and learn what they need from me.

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