Adopted! Of course she was. This swet girl didn’t even make it to the Petsmart event. She went to a home with a collie, a donkey, and chickens!

Daisy is an incredibly sweet girl who hides in the back of her kennel at Animal Services but is a fun-loving extrovert outside of the kennel. She has the most adorably bouncy zoomies, and she’s getting the hang of fetch: she just tosses the toy at you mid-zoom.

We took Daisy for dinner out and she was a perfect lady, lying very quietly and watching the people walk by. She met several nice dogs very sweetly, all wiggles. She can be a little nervous on the leash when there’s a lot going on, but all it takes is some pets and encouragement to get her going again.

Daisy doesn’t pull on the leash at all. She seems surprised to be wearing one. She looks back at me with surpise every time the collar tightens, then comes up to me to make sure everything is ok.

She met some unfriendly outside cats and gave them plenty of space. She didn’t focus on them and quickly turned her attention away. Daisy was interested in my chickens, but broke focus quickly and played in the yard while the chickens were in their pen without bothering them.

Daisy was good and quiet in her crate all night and she had no potty accidents in my house. She does bark in her crate sometimes if she can hear me while she’s in her crate, but a firm “quiet Daisy” quieted her down. She enjoys the Kong toy and it keeps her occupied for a good while.

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any other questions about Daisy. She’s such a good girl, but nobody can see how sweet she is when she’s hiding in her kennel! Take this good girl out for the day, foster her, or adopt her. You’ll love her.

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