Alachua County Adoptable Dogs

These are galleries for dogs soon to be adoptable or currently available for adoption. If you are a rescue, feel free to download these pictures for use in your marketing campaigns.

I you have adopted one of these dogs, thank you! Let me know so I can add them to the adopted dogs album. Feel free to download pictures. Ask me about pet portraits.

Please ask me before using these pictures for any other use.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Petra is an absolutely adorable tiny pocket pit who is just as cute and well-behaved as she can be. Someone made a mess of her ears, but she doesn’t hold it against anyone! She met everyone nicely on our outing and was a good girl at Depot Park and sitting at the patio at the Boxcar. Petra loves to play and cuddle in equal measures. She’s small enough to sit in your lap! She’s scared of dogs barking, but met dogs nicely through the fence when they were friendly. Someone take this little cutie home!


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Wendy really is just the prettiest princess. This beautiful lady was obliging about however we wanted to do her costume. She just wanted to roll over and have tummy rubs. She is incredibly sweet and seems to be relatively low energy, although she was certainly playful. She was great with kids and playful with the dog in the next pen, and seems like just a wonderful dog all round.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Justice is an absolutely adorable wiggly boy who seems like a big puppy. He was respectful about not jumping and loved having cuddles and playing with toys. He is a gorgeous blue with tints of red. He was great with kids and seemed playful with the dog in the next pen.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

This gorgeous dog is Sammy. He is playful, good-natured, and well-behaved (for the most part!). He was wonderful with kids and knows how to fetch and sit. Sammy was playful with the dog in the next yard. He was such a good sport for his lion costume! He’s an active but respectful boy who is up for anything.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Thelma is a sweet, loving girl who wants to stick by her person. She jumped right in the car and rode very nicely. She was friendly with all the dogs that she met, although she was a little worried around the more eager and energetic dogs. Thelma was a very good girl while we had lunch at The Box Car Wine & Beer Garden. She laid under the table and didn’t mind other dogs around her, even when they barked at her.

Thelma’s only flaw is that she can climb fences. If you don’t mind leash walking or keeping an eye on this sweet girl, she’d love to be your’s. She seems pretty low-energy and just wants to cuddle.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Jordan is a sweet, laid back dog at Alachua County Animal Services. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive. He can be treated, but he needs a foster home. The treatment takes about a month, and he will need to be kept calm and have exercise restricted. Jordan was great for a day out, just easy-going and loving with everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about fostering a heartworm positive dog.

All expenses are covered during treatment. Contact us or Alachua County Animal Services to learn more.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

Rocko is a big, handsome, fun-loving guy who knows how to be respectful of your space. He was doing zoomies everywhere, but knew better than to jump up, even when I crouched down and he ran right at me. He was playful with dogs he met going down the aisle and through the fence.


In Foster Care with Beagles and Friends Forever Rescue & Sanctuary awaiting appointment with Uf Small Animal Hospital.

Libby is a very special girl. She has a hind end disability that causes her to be wobbly and scuff her hind paws when she walks, and she drags her hind end periodically. She appears to be in no pain, and is quite playful.

From the moment she saw us come into the room, she just wanted to come out and get love. We took her into the yard, where she followed us enthusiastically with her wobbly gait.

She is now being fostered with Beagles and Friends Forever Rescue & Sanctuary and is doing very well, but she needs help with transport to UF from Sanford. Let us know if you can help!

At her foster home


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

This sweet old man is Max, with Alachua County Animal Services. He was friendly with every person and dog that he met. He’s a laid back older fellow, but he still likes a little game of fetch. He’s a good boy who knows how to be your dog. Can you give Max a place to spend his final days aways from the shelter? He would love a foster or adoptive home. Just a few days out of the shelter would mean the world to him.


Available. At Alachua County Animal Services

This nice old man is a gentle giant who just wanted to follow me around the yard and get some love. He walked well on the leash and sat nicely for me, even though he really didn’t care about the treats. He met other dogs through the fence and was very friendly and laid back. Can you give this sweet old man a home, temporarily or forever? He promises not to be any trouble.

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