Alachua County Animal Services Volunteer Programs

There are so many great ways for anyone to get involved and help these wonderful animals. Whether you want to work directly with dogs and cats or provide invaluable services encouraging adoption online, writing letters, or making toys, shelter dogs need your help!

Do you have service hours that you need to meet? Get them playing with pups and kitties! Community Service Hour Guidelines (link coming soon)


Printable handouts (coming soon)

Information-packed handouts, free to print for your organization, business, or personal use.

Fostering and Adopting

  • Fostering an Excitable dog: tips for exercise, downtime entertainment, and training games to set you up for success
  • Just adopted: getting to know your new shelter dog
  • Self-control: your foster dog might not have it, but she needs it. Here’s how to teach her
  • Don’t lose your dog: how to fit and use your harness, martingale collar, and buckle collar, and how to never let go of the leash
  • 50 Ways to Stuff a Kong: Entertainment for the easily bored or picky pup
  • Adjustment for the nervous kittie

Understanding Shelter Dogs and Cats

  • What is barrier aggression?
  • What makes shelter dogs overactive?
  • Understanding social cues at the fence
  • Using dogs to teach each other
  • Testing cats for cat-friendliness

Important Links for Volunteers with Alachua County Animal Services

ACAS Facebook Page

ACAS Available Animals

ACAS Foster and Volunteer ( Including Contact Information for Volunteer Coordinator)